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Vanleuven - 29 May 10:31

Souhaiter avec plaisir passer temps l’entreprise attrayant chatons. Je suis toujours heureux vous aider se reposer.

Brunskill - 24 October 07:06

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Pruitt - 21 June 15:20

Attraction isn't logical. It's emotional. This is like saying I think penises are inferior to vulvas because I'm straight. The answer is that I'm not thinking at all.

Cordes - 24 January 04:28

It took me years to realise that I had actually been assaulted by a friends at school when I was 15. I guess that's just the culture we live in where we're not always taught that stuff like this is wrong. My young impressionable mind didn't understand that what those boys were doing to me was assault because they were my friends and I thought they were joking around.

Christine - 10 January 11:25

In Brazilian portuguese we have a word to shame a man that sleeps with a lot of women, it's galinha, it's literally the translation of chicken, makes no sense the word, but ok. and for woman we use vaca, its meaning is cow, and the reason of that is because when a guy is cuckold we compare him to a bull because of its horn, it has the same meaning that the symbol that you made with your hand, so it's like if you date a cow you will become a cuckold/bull

Tonja - 10 June 20:07

I love to catch guys jacking off in their cars I always try to help them cum with my hot mouth or hot ass